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At the Central Virginia law office of Graham T. Jennings, Jr., P.C., we understand the daily stress and emotional turmoil associated with Bankruptcy. Our law firm devotes time, energy and resources to bankruptcy representation. We also understand the farming and agriculture industry and recognize the desire for many family farmers to preserve their legacy.

Our Powhatan County Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney, Graham T. Jennings, Jr., has 33 years of experience practicing law. He has handled countless bankruptcy cases and understands that each situation is unique and requires special attention. He can evaluate your situation and shoulder the burden of preparing and filing a Chapter 12 plan of debt adjustment.

“We are dedicated to helping you pursue Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection. We believe every family farmer deserves to get a fresh start. We want you to pursue relief from debt and its consequences and embrace peace of mind.” – Graham T. Jennings, Jr.

Chapter 12 Basics

Chapter 12 protection allows you to repay creditors through a court-approved reorganization plan. You are given a window of time of up to five years to make payments to help eliminate or greatly reduce your debts.

The bankruptcy code provides more favorable rules for family farmers structuring a repayment plan under Chapter 12. However, you are still bound by general bankruptcy regulations.

Our legal team can analyze your assets and debts to help structure a successful plan. We understand the debt profile unique to many family farms. We understand how family farming creditors approach collections. We can tailor your plan to fit your needs.

Foreclosure Prevention

As bankruptcy advocates, we have extensive experience handling foreclosure situations. We understand how today’s tough credit environment has placed many family farmers in jeopardy of losing not only their farms, but also their livelihoods. You may be struggling to maintain your mortgage, equipment costs and other obligations.

If structured and maintained properly, your Chapter 12 bankruptcy protection may prevent foreclosure. We take great pride in serving the community and our clients. We can evaluate your situation and determine the best course of action.

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We are here to answer any questions you may have about your financial situation. Our law firm offers free initial consultations. Please call us at 800-282-7445 or 804-598-7912, or you may send us an e-mail.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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